Carlisle Photo Festival 2012


Adam Bowman
Pete Greenwood, 
Chris Mullen
George Platt
Laura Rasmsey
Eleanor de Chastelain Simpson
JC Wrightson

Venue: Thin White Duke

'FACE is a collection of the latest in contemporary portraiture from upcoming photographers in Carlisle. Through different backgrounds in photographer, FACE offers a diverse mix of street, studio and self portraits'


Home Sweet Home
Artists: Anna Brigdes
Nicola Chambers
Simon Whyte

Venue: The Andalusian

'The family home is the foundation of everyday life. It is a place of security where we take our first steps, dream of the future, eat, sleep and grow up. As we leave one home, we start another as our own. Each room signifies different aspects of family life. These four walls protect us and let us be ourselves without people seeing but they also mask truth and reality. Everyone one dreams of an ideal home, picture each detail and moments they want to happen.

This exhibition investigates themes of personal identity and the family home. With this in mind, each artist has produced their own bodies of work and individual interpretation that represents this idea. Within these four walls of our family home depicts three very different feelings of memories, fears and the what if’s of family life.

People say don’t judge a book by its cover, we say don’t judge a home by its exterior. Something less beautiful could be hidden behind that door.' 


Outside the Box

Venue: Crate in Carlisle town centre

'Outside the box is a group exhibition of five photographers that have collaborated on work about nature.
The exhibition will feature about the people out in the wild, the animals and the spectacular views that the nature provides us.' 


Tania Gibson, Director of Carlisle Photo Festival

'I would like to give a big 'Thank You' to all of the photographers that took part of Carlisle Photography Festival 2012. It has been a great joy to view and work with so many talented and engaged photographers, as well a big 'Thank you' to all that helped with the festival because without you there would be no festival.

But I would like to give the biggest 'Thank You' to all of you who have visited the five venues around Carlisle, I'm absolutely amazed with the great responds from you about the art and the festival, and to see so many interested viewers. 
I can honestly say that the festival has been a great success and I'm very much looking forward to see all of you again for The Carlisle Photography Festival 2013. 

To give a little teaser for next year: The festival will grow larger and will include more fantastic photographers as well as including more venues. 

See you in 2013.' 

In The Press 2012
The News & Star newspaper

Redeye The Photography Network

Cumbria Crack News

Eksdale & Liddesdale Advertiser

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