The Last Destination Guide

'The Last Destination Guide'
It is an exhibition about graveyards, about the way people say goodbye. I am trying to depict graveyards as something fairly positive in it's nature. It’s a place where are loved ones resting so it cannot be that scary...
I am not obsessed enough by my body to have a grave. If I die, use all my useable organs first and give the rest to tigers in the nearest ZOO. I wish to be remembered as a good dinner.
The older people get the more aware of their mortality they are. The more aware they get the bigger need to make a "plan".
If my granny is morbid enough to keep me updated of her latest choice of the location of her last rest, I can be morbid enough to create a guide for all the grannies ...

Venue: St. Paul’s Church
St. Paul’s Square, Carlisle
Open: (15-16 April)

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