New Memories for Old

New Memories For Old
Photographs are all in some way about memory – about freezing a moment in time and retaining it – and every photograph instantly becomes an image of a time that has passed.  We may keep photographs to remember long forgotten moments, look at them to learn about a time before we were born, or perhaps use them to reinforce first hand memories so that they remain at the forefront of our minds.   New Memories For Old is an exhibition by a collective of five BA (Hons) Photography students from the University of Cumbria.  The work from each of the photographers is very different but the common thread running through it is the idea of MEMORY.  The exhibition will include photography and related work from the early 20th century, the 1980s and the present day.   When brought together the collection will make a varied and interesting show of work.  


The exhibition is to take place in the characterful rooms at Paradise Court (opposite Tullie House Museum) Carlisle, from 15th to 20th April 2013
Open 9.30 -5

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